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Klaytn offers a variety of tools that can be useful in building metaverse applications. Whether you're an individual working on a metaverse smart contract for a hackathon project or an enterprise looking to explore new opportunities for branding, global reach, and revenue generation in the digital world, the following list of tools is a good place to start.


A wallet is a digital software that stores private and public keys and keeps track of digital assets. It's primarily used for sending assets and interacting with smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). In the metaverse, a wallet is required for exploration and to perform various functions such as:

  • Managing ownership: A wallet stores the assets you own in the metaverse.
  • Controlling assets: Users can control, manage, buy, sell, or trade digital assets through their wallets.
  • Executing transactions: With a wallet, users can initiate any transactions in the metaverse by integrating with dApps.

Mobile Wallets

Browser Extension Wallets

Hardware Wallets

Multisig Wallet

Open Source Wallets

The Klaytn ecosystem has open-source wallets that developers can easily integrate with their dApp and also tweak additional features according to their needs.

  • Oko Wallet - is a non-custodial EVM multi-chain wallet that supports the Klaytn network and is available for browser extensions, iOS applications and Android applications.


Blockchain explorers are web applications that allow users to search and view data such as blocks, transactions, addresses, and contracts.

Klaytn supports the following explorers:

Open-Source Explorers

In the Klaytn ecosystem, there are open-source explorers that can be used as an alternative to closed-system explorers. These open-source explorers are community-driven and available for anyone to use, explore, and improve, making integration with other tools and platforms much easier, and allowing for a faster pace of evolution and improvement than a proprietary solution.

SDKs and API Libraries

For your metaverse application to interact with the Klaytn blockchain (i.e., read on-chain data or send transactions on-chain), it must be connected to a Klaytn node. To connect to a Klaytn node, Klaytn provides several convenient libraries that will teach you how to do so:

Integrated Development Environments

  • Remix IDE: is a browser-based IDE and powerful opensource tool that lets you test, deploy and execute smart contracts.
  • Visual Studio: Is one of the leading IDE used by developers

Local Web3 Development Environments

To deploy, test, and write smart contracts locally, Klaytn supports the following smart contract development environments:

Decentralized Exchanges

The Klaytn ecosystem provides an open-source DEX infrastructure that offers various functionalities like token swapping, staking, providing liquidity, decentralized governance, and monitoring exchange activities through open-source and decentralized dashboards. Additionally, developers can customize new features and visualizations based on their specific needs.

Deployment is automated using Dockers and Kubernetes in the open-source DEX to easily spin up a DEX. Here are the different components of DEX:

The DEX testnet is available for testing in the Baobab testnet without any installations. Feel free to play around here.

Other Tools

  • Klaytn Online Toolkit: This toolkit provides code samples and pages to help you utilize the Klaytn SDK(caver-js). With the Online Toolkit, you can derive the code to deploy your Klaytn contracts using caver-js. This contract includes KIP7, KIP17, KIP37 and other KCT. The online toolkit also gives users the functionality of interacting with deployed contracts given its ABI and contract address.
  • Klay-Spray: Want to quickly deploy a layer 1 network? Klayspray helps you easily deploy a private layer1 network.
  • Sidechain: This enables developers who wants to build a local private network with high TPS, minimal transaction fees or data privacy.
  • Klaytn Wizard: This is an interactive generator to bootstrap your smart contract and learn about Klaytn Contracts. This is based on OpenZeppelin Wizard.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at