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๐ŸŽฏ Use cases

Here are some dNFT use cases in the metaverse:

  • Digital assets:โ€ฏIn the metaverse, dNFTs can be used to represent digital assets such as user avatars that change based on external conditions like time of day, weather conditions, or the user's emotional state.

  • Game items & collectibles:โ€ฏThe use of dNFTs in metaverse gaming offers unique features that enhance the representation of assets such as sports collectibles and in-game assets like skins, potions, and swords. For example, a dNFT sports collectible can update each player's stats throughout the season as traits on their respective NFT collectibles. Additionally, dNFTs offer a unique feature in character-progression games, where an NFT sword could become more powerful with increased usage in battles.

  • Loyalty programs:โ€ฏMetaverse loyalty programs can utilize dNFTs as rewards for users. For instance, a user could earn an NFT for every $1000 spent in a metaverse store.

  • Tokenization of real-world assets:โ€ฏNFT metadata changes are also useful in the tokenization of real-world assets within the metaverse. For instance, a dNFT could represent land that changes in value and development over time.


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