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💼 Tools and SDKs

There are a variety of open source tools to help developers utilize Klaytn smart contract library. This guide provides a list of such tools to help your smart contract builds.

  • Klaytn Dev-Sandbox: This is a boilerplate code for dApps including front-end(UI) and contracts(backend) that are helpful to building blockchain applications on Klaytn. It imports klaytn-contract library to create a KIP7, KIP17 and KIP37 token. With the front-end code, users can easily interact with already deployed contracts.

  • Klaytn Online Toolkit: This provides code samples and pages to help you utilize the Klaytn SDK(caver-js). With the Online Toolkit, you can derive the code to deploy your Klaytn contracts using caver-js. This contract includes KIP7, KIP17, KIP37 and other Klaytn Compatible Tokens(KCT). The online toolkit also gives users the functionality of interacting with deployed contracts given its ABI, contract address.

  • Klaytn Contracts Wizard: This is an interactive generator to bootstrap your smart contract and learn about Klaytn Contracts. This is based on OpenZeppelin Wizard.

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